The Broadway & Allie Show | Weekday Mornings 5:30am - 10:00am

"The Broadway & Allie Show" is a dynamic morning radio program that airs live on z93hits radio station every weekday from 5:30am-10am. Co-hosted by the lively duo Broadway and Allie, this show perfectly blends humor, entertainment, and community spirit.

Listeners can start their day with "Allie Tells All," where Allie dishes up the latest celebrity news and Hollywood gossip, or tune in for the "Highschool Hot Minute," a beloved segment that recaps the latest high school sports action in Northern Michigan. The show also features "What The Buckeye!?," a fun segment highlighting quirky stories from Ohio, and "Broadway's Dad Joke of the Day," which always gets a laugh. Test your knowledge against Allie in the "Dumber Than The Morning Show!" trivia contest, and join Broadway and Allie for their "Morning Show’s Coffee Break."

Middays With Courtney | Weekdays 10am - 2pm

"Middays With Courtney" on Z93Hits is a lively radio show that brightens your day with the latest pop culture scoops, hilarious segments, and heartwarming stories.

Hosted by Courtney Rehmer, a cheerful mom of three who loves Northern Michigan, the show is a vibrant mix of features that keep listeners entertained and engaged. Courtney's segments range from recapping the latest movies on "Movie Monday" to giving away tickets to local events on "Ticket Tuesday," and from sharing the latest celebrity news on "Keeping Up With Courtney" to making listeners laugh with "Courtney's Comedy Club." With her welcoming voice and authentic connection to the community, Courtney makes your midday brighter and more fun, one show at a time.

Afternoons With Ron Pritchard | Weekday Afternoons 2pm - 7pm

"Afternoons With Ron Pritchard" on Z93Hits is a fun-filled show that ensures your ride home is never boring. Hosted by radio veteran Ron Pritchard, who has been entertaining listeners since 1987, the show is a lively combination of engaging segments and interactive games.

From "Ron’s Name That Noise" where listeners guess the sound, to "What Was Ron Thinking," where he quizzes listeners on show content, the segments are designed to entertain and engage. The highlight of the show is "The Drive at 5," where Ron energizes listeners with dynamic entertainment as they commute home, run errands, or shuttle kids to activities. With his deep roots in Northern Michigan and a career spanning various radio roles, Ron brings an authentic and vivacious spirit to your afternoon drive.

Allie Tells All (6am & 9am M-F)

Allie dishes up the latest celebrity news, Hollywood gossip, entertainment news, scandals, celebrity feuds, and more TWICE per day in the 6am and 9am hours! Position your business in the popular morning daypart with this sponsorship.

Highschool Hot Minute – Sports Segment (6am & 8am hour M-F)

Northern Michigan LOVES their high school sports and there is finally a place on the radio to get a recap of the action each weekday morning! Tune in for Z93’s High School Hot Minute each weekday in the 6am hour and 8am hour for info about your favorite schools! (Sep-May only)

What The Buckeye!? (6:40am M-F)

Each weekday morning at 6:40am, Broadway and Allie tell a crazy story about the state we love to razz: Ohio! What are those silly Buckeyes up to now…besides losing to Michigan? Tune in and find out!

Broadway’s Dad Joke of the Day (8am hour M-F)

Broadway tells his Dad Joke of the Day, and you can sponsor this funny and light-hearted segment everyone loves with this entertaining feature and enjoy premium ad placement during the morning drive!

Dumber Than The Morning Show! (8:20am M-F)

Each weekday morning at 8:20am, Broadway invites listeners to play a trivia contest against his co-host, Allie. If the select listener gets more right answers than Allie, they WIN a great prize from our sponsor(s).

Morning Show’s Coffee Break

Each hour, Broadway and Ally take a “coffee break” going into a commercial block and let listeners know about where they are “going”. If you serve coffee or breakfast, this is the perfect placement for you.

Movie Monday (10:18 Mondays)

Courtney recaps the weekend’s blockbuster movies and gives listeners a preview of what’s coming up next. If the sponsor is a movie theatre or restaurant, a giveaway opportunity is available.

Ticket Tuesday (10:18 Tuesdays)

Courtney opens up the sponsored Ticket Window each Tuesday morning and gives listeners a chance to win a pair of tickets to some of the biggest festivals and events in Northern Michigan.

Courtney’s Coffee Club (10:30 Wednesdays)

Each Wednesday around 10:30am, Courtney opens her Coffee Club and invites listeners to join for a chance to win a gift card from the sponsor. Additionally, earlier that day, she will pick up a coffee from the sponsor to sample and later talk about on the air during the Coffee Club feature.

Cocktails with Courtney (10:18 Thursdays)

Cocktails with Courtney airs each Thursday around 10:18 am and is a perfect opportunity for a club, bar, brewery, or distillery to highlight their products, specials, and events to thousands of Z93 listeners getting ready for the weekend.

Good News Friday (10:18 Fridays)

Every Friday morning, Courtney has a guest from a local news source to give us the “Good News of the Week”, an uplifting positive story to bring us into the weekend.

Courtney’s Lunchbox All-Request Feature (12noon M-F)

Courtney anchors one of Z93’s most popular features each weekday from noon to 1pm! The all-request hour plays the most popular listener requests. Everybody that called or texted in a request is entered to win a great prize from the sponsor.

Keeping Up with Courtney (M-F 11:06am)

Courtney dishes all the celebrity news and info from Hollywood and the world of music. Keep up on all the latest with Courtney each day at 11:06am.

Courtney’s Comedy Club (M-F 1:18pm)

Each weekday at 1:18pm, Courtney opens up the Comedy Club and highlights a different popular stand-up comedian. She’ll play a clip of their routine for the audience, which is sure to get a laugh. 

R&R Cross-Talk (M-F 1:40pm)

Listeners get a dose of R&R shenanigans as they meet up each weekday afternoon! Courtney recaps her show and Ron previews his.

Ron’s Name That Noise! (2pm hour M-F)

Each weekday, Ron plays “Name That Noise, where listeners have to guess what a noise is in a sound clip. Ron keeps it fresh and fun for listeners while giving them a chance to win a great prize!


What Was Ron Thinking! (3pm hour M-F)

Each afternoon Ron asks listeners a question about his show. The first listener to call in with the correct answer wins a prize!


The Drive at 5 with Ron Prichard! (5pm hour M-F)

The workday is done and it’s time to have some FUN! Ron Pritchard entertains listeners as they drive home from work, from school, to the grocery store, soccer practice and more! Ron will usually play a game to win a prize, too!