Meet Ron Pritchard: Liven Up Your Afternoons

From trivia to acoustic challenges, Ron Pritchard ensures his listeners never have a dull moment on the airwaves. The charismatic host invites his audience to engage with him in various contests, bringing the energy and excitement of radio into their daily routines. Among his most beloved segments are “What Was Ron Thinking?” and “Name That Noise,” both showcase Ron’s unique flair for entertainment and connection with his audience.

In the intriguing “What Was Ron Thinking?” segment, listeners are invited to decipher the mind of their beloved host. Each day around 2 pm, Ron tantalizes his audience with clues about his thoughts, such as anything from his show’s content to a song or even a random trivia question. The first listener to correctly guess his thought wins a prize from Folgarelli’s Market & Wine Shop. This trivia game tests the listeners’ acumen and helps them feel a deeper connection with Ron as they try to unravel the thought process of their favorite afternoon show host.

If trivia isn’t your thing, maybe the acoustic challenge of “Name That Noise” might pique your interest. Every day at 3 pm, Ron plays a random noise on air and invites his listeners to identify it. The first caller to correctly identify the noise gets to take home a prize. This engaging game sharpens the listeners’ auditory skills and keeps the afternoon show lively and fun. With Ron Pritchard’s afternoon show on Z93, the radio is no longer just a music source but a platform of interactive entertainment and a bridge connecting Ron with his audience. In addition to these contests, the show is a mixture of the biggest hits from the ’90s until now, community events, and other forms of entertainment.

Z93 is committed to providing its listeners with quality entertainment and connection. For all the latest updates and information about the contests, listeners are encouraged to follow Z93 on social media and listen online at Join Ron Pritchard every weekday from 2 pm-7 pm on Z93 and partake in the exhilarating contests that brighten the afternoon. Above all, whether he’s playing a classic hit, revealing contest clues, or just sharing his thoughts, one thing is clear: Ron Pritchard’s love for radio, music, and his listeners shines through in every broadcast, making “Afternoons with Ron Pritchard” a must-listen for anyone tuning into Z93.