Affectionately known on air as “Rehmer,” Courtney Rehmer is essential to the spirit of and a voice of the people. Born and raised just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, she is not your typical Buckeye. Rehmer is a proud wife and mother of three, who, along with her family, loves exploring the Midwest’s hidden gems and meeting its varied faces. She’s proud to call this region home and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rehmer is deeply committed to using her platform to be a voice for those who need it. Her journey in broadcast started in television news, but she quickly realized that her heart belonged to the world of radio. After making the switch, she devoted her entire career to Z93, helping and laughing along the way. Her hearty laughter and genuine desire to assist can be heard in her broadcasts, and she hopes you’re chuckling right alongside her.

When asked about her all-time favorite song, Rehmer picked “Run” by Collective Soul. It was this very song that she played on repeat during her move from Ohio to Michigan, a testament to the courage and tenacity she possesses. The song’s melody and lyrics kept her moving forward, preventing her from turning back when the going got tough. She claims it’s a good thing that it’s a long song, as she had quite the journey. To this day, “Run” remains her ultimate anthem.

Tune in to experience Rehmer’s warm spirit and shared laughter. You’ll get more than just great music; you’ll get a friend on the airwaves.

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